Built with fMRI Experts for Out of the Box Integration

Lumica goes far beyond improving patient comfort. Our sophisticated yet simple system makes it easy for a single technician to show bright, high-quality displays of stimuli for functional MRI (fMRI) studies from almost any digital source.

The Perfect Stimulus Device For Your fMRI Audio Video Paradigms

Lumica goes far beyond improving patient comfort. The sophisticated yet simple system makes it easy for a single technician to show bright, high quality displays of stimuli for functional MRI (fMRI) studies from almost any digital source, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, DVD, and Blu-Ray. Entertainment and anxiety reduction is especially valuable in children and motion-sensitive acquisitions, including diffusion and tractography.

Based on original designs by UCLA Professor and pioneer of functional brain imaging Mark Cohen

The technologies that underlie Lumica were created originally to handle the most challenging problems in MRI and Neuroscience. As a leader not only in MRI applications, but also in MRI hardware and software development, Cohen has guided SMRT's development to create devices that perform reliably, safely, and seamlessly. Lumica arose from years of refinement through thousands of clinical and research studies with dozens of investigators.

Works with your Existing Paradigms

You can use popular packages, such as Matlab, PsychoPy, Psychtoolbox, OpenSesame, Presentation, Inquisit, or ePrime, or you can design your own stimulus paradigms on your local computers and play them through Lumica’s HDMI port. Whatever the paradigm source, you’ll get active audio noise cancellation and a crisp and bright high-resolution display.

Two-way, audio & visual patient-tech communication like it’s never been done before.

Patients often feel isolated during MRI and fMRI exams, adding to or creating anxiety that leads to fidgeting, motion, and discomfort. The unique way video communication built into Lumica offers unprecedented human contact between the patient and the technologist or scanner operator. With simple pushtotalk communications, your patient need never feel alone.

High Speed, Low-Latency Video and Audio

Precise timing can be critical to accurate fMRI results. The state of the art advanced digital processing embedded within our units ensures the complex signal sources.

The system also has extensive coil capability fitting up to 64 channel headcoils and 1.5T & 3T Power. Compressed streaming videos are decoded with latencies of just a few milliseconds, ensuring that image presentations are aligned precisely with the scanner data acquisition. Lumica’s HDMI output option allows frame-by-frame video timing accuracy, even for highly demanding MRI/EEG studies.

Our unique laser optical engine results in uniform color and brightness across the display. Pixeperfect focus is guaranteed - without setup or calibration, which can be seen easily in both bright and dark rooms.

Patient/Subject Video Capture

Do you need to look for eye blinks? Is your subject moving? Are they asleep? The builtin patient directed video camera can be incorporated directly into your research workflow.

In fact, video imagery is now required as part of the Human Connectome Project, the standard for controlled neuroimaging studies. Lumica is the only commercial device to integrate live video capture of human subjects with a complete video and audio presentation system.

Reach out to customize a Lumica system to your site’s needs.

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