A New Standard in MRI-Compatible Audio-Visual Communications

Immerse patients in a relaxing theater-like experience while keeping them in close contact with operators during scans.

We designed ease of use into the DNA of Lumica: From installation to operation. Without interrupting workflows, MRI operators can provide patients with a relaxing home theater-like experience, reducing stress and anxiety. Lumica can even be used to present stimuli for functional mapping & research.

Audio Engineered for Maximum Sound Quality and Noise Isolation

We designed a ground-up audio solution in collaboration with Audeze, one of the world’s most respected audio companies. Our proprietary system consists of unique electrostatic transducers, high-power amplifiers, optical signal transmission, digital signal processing, and wide frequency response to set a new industry standard that pneumatic systems can’t match.

AS01  Premium Adult Over-Ear Headphones

Lumica offers the highest quality sound system available for MRI applications. Your patients can now relax engulfed in clear, immersive sound while hearing your technologists’ every word.

Slim Format Inflatable In-Coil Headset

When head coils are too small for over-ear headsets, our Slim-Format Headset brings crisp intelligible sound and features a patented air bladder expansion system for maximum comfort and patient positioning within most head coils.

AS03  Pediatric
Over-Ear Headphones

Our Pediatric Headset fits smaller heads while offering the same high-performance transducer technology as our top of the line headset. Engaged children stay still.

3 configurations to meet your site’s unique needs:


Premium Audio & Visual

Our most immersive audio-visual experience. AV+ provides way voice & video communication, a comprehensive set of headphones made for use in and out of head coils, and a large bright rear projection video screen, all controlled by an intuitive dual-screen touchscreen console.

• HD Rear Projector
• Universal Wide View Mirrors
• Premium Over-Ear Headphones
• Slim Profile Inflatable Headphones
• Pediatric Over-Ear Headphones
• Dual-Screen Operator Console
• Premium Media Amplifier


Premium Audio

The highest quality MRI compatible audio solution on the market. With the same audio components as the AV+, the Audio+ electrostatic over-ear headphones create an immersive patient soundscape. For head coils, our slimline MEMS audio pads combine clear audio with head stabilization.

• Premium Over-Ear Headphones
• Slim Profile Inflatable Headphones
• Pediatric Over-Ear Headphones
• Premium Audio Controller
• Premium Media Amplifier
• Patient Microphone

SMRT Audio

Standard Audio

It's now possible to introduce Lumica technology to your MRI sites at our most accessible price point. With our proprietary MEMs audio system and an array of headphone upgrades available for all use cases, we can customize an audio system to meet your site’s unique needs.

• Standard Over-Ear Headphones
• Slim Profile Inflatable Headphones
Pediatric Over-Ear Headphones (optional)
• Standard Audio Controller
• Standard Media Amplifier
• Patient Microphone

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Seamless Patient-Operator Communication

When patients are referred for MRI exams, they are often anxious about their medical conditions; Feelings of isolation, fear, and anxiety increase. Lumica’s two-way audio-video communication helps maintain calming eye contact to promote natural-feeling human-to-human connection and makes it easy for your clients to understand instructions.

Pre-loaded Content + HDMI Inputs + Streaming Services

Turn on Lumica, and it immediately begins displaying captivating nature videos filmed by award winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg. Lumica is flexible: In addition to our embedded videos, it supports external video and audio sources, as well as streaming content to customize your patient's experience. Its simple, industry-standard HDMI Input makes connecting to your devices easy, enabling specialty studies such as fMRI exams.

A universal solution compatible with every MRI system and designed for seamless overnight install.

Works with virtually all MRI machines in most current set-ups:

+ more

The system also has extensive coil capability fitting up to 64 channel headcoils and 1.5T & 3T Power.

Reach out to customize a Lumica system to your site’s needs.

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