Patients report dramatic improvements in their experience when using Lumica

A recent study, reported by Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum of RadNet, has demonstrated the effectiveness of Lumica. In a controlled survey study of 295 imaging subjects, using scanners from both Siemens and General Electric, patients reported significant improvements in their Comfort, Anxiety, and overall experience. Remarkably, when using the Lumica, these same patients reported decreases in the perceived exam duration.


Of Patients Report Feeling
Claustrophobic in MRIs


Increase in
Patient Satisfaction
with Lumica

Pre-loaded Content + HDMI Inputs + Streaming Services

Turn on Lumica, and it immediately begins displaying captivating nature videos filmed by award-winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg. Your technologist can pay attention to their work as a radiographer.

Lumica is flexible: In addition to our embedded videos, it supports external video and audio sources, as well as streaming content to customize your patient's experience. It's simple, industry-standard HDMI Input makes connecting to your devices easy. You can even connect Lumica to your computer, enabling specialty studies such as fMRI exams.

Intuitive Touch Screen User Interface

Our simple controls allow the technologist to run Lumica without interrupting their workflow. Every feature can be accessed in one or two button presses from a bright, clear console display.

Always-on functionality reduces set up time to next-to-nothing.

In a busy imaging center, the last thing a technologist wants to do is fuss with added devices. Many centers prefer Lumica’s One-Touch interface, which allows them to simply turn it on and leave it running all day long. Push to talk is all they need to bring themselves into full communication and eye-contact with your patients.

Technicians can interact with patients through our 2‑way audio & video system

Lumica’s Console allows MRI operators to easily utilize the projector while having the ability to communicate directly with the patient. You can now chat with your patient in real-time or allow children to keep in touch with a loved one during a scan. Our preloaded media is curated specifically to offer a relaxing video and audio experience.

Clinical Benefits

System Benefits

Patient Comfort
The Lumica suite of video and communication reduces patient anxiety, thereby reducing motion, and reducing refused scans

Kid Friendly
Children are engaged and attentive, reducing their fear and improving their exam tolerance

Fewer Questions from Patients
Field studies have shown that patients need less operator attention when using Lumica

Improved Image Quality and Readability
Motion artifacts are reduced when patients are calm, and occupied.

Greater Patient Tolerance
Lumica's engaging video content reduces boredom and calms patients, making it easier for them to tolerate long exams when needed.

Attractive Modern Design
Lumica’s beautiful, finished, design enhances the appearance of your facility.

Increased Patient throughput
With fewer scan refusals, and fewer repeated scans, you can scan more patients each day!

Preloaded content
With gorgeous, patient-tested, high quality content, operators do not need to maintain or manage a video library

Easy Installation
Careful attention to packaging and design makes installing Lumica easy, even for non-technical personnel

Easy Setup
Want to see a video?: Just touch the icon with your choice, and the entertainment begins. Once started, the Lumica videos can auto-repeat continuously to run all day

Flexible Operation
Use our pre-installed video imagery, or plug in your favorite audio or video source: DVDs, Video Streaming - the choices are endless. Or, use the simple industry-standard connections to run specialty fMRI experiments from your computer

Optimized for fMRI & Research
Seamlessly compatible with all popular fMRI software platforms, Lumica offers bright, accurate, and fast image and video presentation

Head-to-Toe MRI Exams
Lumica is useable when scanning any body part

Versatile Design
Lumica works with 1.5T, 3T, and Open MRI in all scanning scenarios, including 32 & 64 channel head coils and all surface coils. Our engineers will even evaluate your 7T and higher instruments on request

Intuitive User Interface
Operators need virtually no training to run all Lumica features

Return on Investment
Lumica will pay for itself rapidly by increasing throughput.